Privacy policy

FAB recognizes that private policy is important and undertakes to preserve it. You personal data on the website shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other laws regulating processing and protection of this data, and it shall not be disclosed to any third parties, except in the cases provided by law.

To make the website convenient and to improve the quality of goods and provided services, we may request for some information from you regarding personal and professional interests, ask to indicate demographic data, Express your opinion about our products and services. You may also be asked to indicate some other data, for instance: the name, surname, address, phone number, email address o rage, sex, marital status and etc. The collected information may be used only to contact you or inform you about the latest gods and services or their changes. However, you are not obligated to provide the requested information; also you have the right to refuse proposed notices. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please indicate your refusal from proposed notices clearly and unambiguously. 

Additionally, we collect and analyze information that is considered as not personal to evaluate how our site visitors use it, how this site works and how much efficient it is. Not personal information is data about operational systems the users work with, type of the browser, the most frequently visited sites and the most popular links. We preserve the right to record the information (known as “Cookie”) into your computer during your visit on our website (you will be able to delete this information from you computer any time or block it using the internet browser in your computer). This technology helps you use our website as you do not need to enter your data every time you visit it.

All collected information may be processed automatically (i.e. without using any personal data, such as a name, surname, address etc) for purposes of statistical studies. Such data processing will prevent your direct or indirect identification. FAB preserves the right to disclose anonymous statistic information to third parties.

The fact that you use our website shall mean that you, as well as your company for the benefit of which you use the website and information about which you provide (if provide), agree with the policy of private life inviolability available in this network, also you agree that FAB may collect and use information as indicated in this declaration. Moreover, this also means your agreement with the terms and conditions of the use of the website. In case of the access to the website and usage of it without an agreement with the terms and conditions the policy of private life inviolability, FAB shall not be liable agains the user.

All disputes arising from this website and related issues shall be solved, interpreted or executed in accordance with laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

FAB preserves the right to amend the policy of private life inviolability from time to time; a notice on any amendments shall be placed on this site.

FAB website may contain links to internet websites of other persons, companies or organizations. FAB shall not be liable for their content, privacy policy and other activity.